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Your company achieves the best possible relationship with the trade through the individual maintenance of our field service. Your products and services are offered in a professional manner via competent presentation and decoration of the sales area. Furthermore, we aim at preventing cost-intensive shortcomings in presantation as our team pursues only the optimum availability of your products through the Disposition Service; beyond that, your product return procedure is also organized by us via our After-Sales Service within the framework of our Returns Management. 


Through our Market Research we offer you real-time detailed reports providing you a valuable time advantage, if action is needed. m.a.s Market Research comprises systematical planning, collecting, analyzing and reporting of data and results being relevant for specific marketing decisions. Primary objective is the identification and definition of your marketing chances and problems. Out of these matters we will derive marketing actions and optimize those already existing.
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Our Services at a Glance:

  • Regular maintenance of the dealers (Retail Outlets)
  • Rack maintenance / rack optimization
  • Regular inventory control
  • Placement and realization of Point of Sale Activities 
    (Leaflets, Flyers, Print-samples, Displays, Product Information and much more)
  • Disposition service
  • Returns management
  • Mystery shopping
  • Reporting and photo documentations
  • Layout Arrangement, including planning, realization and optimization
  • New equipping and general refurbishments
  • Action supervision from assembling over additional disposition  to dismantling
  • Inquiries and Scoutings
  • Advertising
    (Establishing your products and your company via target-oriented generation and spread of advertisement materials as for instance exceptional Give-Aways)
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